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Saturday, Oct 21, 2017

Tomorrow: Hurry! The Cowboys are on!
Happy Birthday Tracy M

Martin 4+4 & more

Buy in pushups & 250m run

Increase by 4 every round
Single DB Burpees
Box Jumps
Single arm DB Snatch
Jump ropes (add zero) or Du's 1/4 rep count
AMRAP 28 min

E: 22 hands up pushups
A: 22 hands up pushups
B: 44 hands up pushups on knees
C: 44 hands up pushups on toes
D: 22 pull ups

Amanda M32:20 Rx 6rds 20DB snatch 15DB burpee 20 box
Adam R28:00  5 rds, 30lbs brp, 50lbs dbs,24' bj
Janette W29:11  5 rds D blue band pu 15#db
Jeremy29:49  D 6 rds, singles, #15 burpee, #25 snatch
Kevin T30:02  5 RDS D 55LB DB 25LB DB 24 BOX JR
Joann32:00  D, 20' BOX, 12# DB, 15# DB
Jen Sm32:49  C - 15 lb/16 box/5 rds
Melanie L32:52  B 15# 5rds 24' box
Tally33:16  5 rnds D
Shelbi33:20  D 5 RDS 20#Db 20'box
Zach33:30  6rds D 24'
Zoey33:45  6rds B 20'
Brittany R33:50  A: 5 rds 12lb DBB, 16” Box, 15lb SADS
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Colleen G 9:49am
Happy Birthday Tracy. Thanks for all you do for the gym and helping me when needed. Have a great day❤️🎉🍷❤️

Joann 10:59am
Awesome doing your WOD for your birthday! Have a fabulous day my friend! 😘🍷