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Mon, Dec 17 2018

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Some BS and FRAN on Dec 17, 2018 (280 days ago)
Some BS and FRANFranemy BC Style

Some BS and FRAN

Warm-Up: 7-9-12
Cal Bike
Wallballs (14/20)

SWOD: Back Squats

WOD: 21-15-9
Thrusters (65/95)
Pull Ups

15 Burpees  
30 Cal Row

100% 0%

Rico3:49 Rx 1st Rx
Tommy W3:50 Rx 2nd Rx. I feel like my lungs are bleeding.
Hagen4:19 Rx 5th Rx
Warren4:25 Rx 7th 135,185,205,235
Bob4:48 Rx 8th EW 10:28
Amanda K5:09 Rx 1st RX
Alex L5:33 Rx 9th 135,185,205,205 EW 8:43
Brian Hu5:52 Rx 10th EW: 13:27
Stephanie Cha6:44 Rx 2nd EW 10:55, bs 125,130,140,150
Amy Mi7:10 Rx 3rd 12:45ew
Amanda M8:10 Rx 4th 10:07 RX
Stacey B10  7th 65/55 EW:25:58
Kira13  8th 45# jpu
Colleen G7:21  13th 55# Ew-13:45
Margaret S7:22  14th 65# with BPU
Robert F7:58  RX SWOD: #255 EW: 1 round
Lizbet8:10  17th 55
Stephanie S9:13  55# jpu
Janette W11:44  25th 65# bl bd/no EW
Melissa Hen11:47  55# swod #110 wod 4-12:00
Emily H12:40, 16:00  26th RX
Michele L:(  Couldn't finish my hand still hurts. Swod done, ew 13:16

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Bulverde, TX 78163 (view larger map)