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Tue, Oct 8

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Some BS and FRAN on Dec 17, 2018 (310 days ago)
“Hasta la vista, baby.”BC TUESDAY...LUNGE IT OUT COWBOY FANS!!

“Hasta la vista, baby.”

Power Snatch (Do not break up reps)
3 reps E90sec. for  7:30Mins. (5 Sets)
Build in weight.  If your form starts to breakdown stay at that weight or go lighter and practice movement quality.

5 Rounds for Time
7 Thrusters (85/135lb)
7 Push Ups (TOES)
7 Pull UPs
7 Power Snatches (85/135)

A/E: DBs Thrusters, pick load, Push UPs, Pick Load for Snatch
B: Pick Load, 4 Box Dips+4 Push Ups for MU
C: Pick Load, 4 Pull Ups + 4 Push Ups TOES
Rx2: As Written
Rx+: 95/155, 7 MU instead of Pull ups and Push Ups.

Optional Core Work:
Accumulate 3 Mins. of Hollow Body Hold and 30/40/50 GHD Sit ups. Break it up as needed.

100% 0%

Ross17:00 Rx+ 135# Thruster # Snatch, 145# SWOD
Amanda E17:26 Rx2 D/RX
Denise S19:59 Rx2 D RX 85# for all- thanks WW
Warren20:40 Rx2 D- SWOD-135#
Ethan C23:02 Rx2 RX: 135# w/ MUs; SWOD: 165# max
Lisa Ri12:31  c 55 bar 7 each
Kelly V13:16  65#
Sydney S13:40  rx 55#bar
Cecily14:51  85# squat cleans instead of snatches
Stacey B16:43  65# (1set) 55# bar
Bridget18:03  65#/hrpu/banded pu
Lizbet19:15  55bar, 4pull ups, 7 push ups
Alex L21:23?  ⬇️ to 115# after 4 snatches @ 135#. MU’s unbroken 115# swod
Tommy W28:27  135#, 7MU each round.
Alex L 7:16pm
Ross my man, sorry to inform you but 135# was not RX+... think you meant to select RX2🤷🏽‍♂️

Colleen G 8:05pm
Denise, I want to thank you for the helpful hints for my handstand walks. It really helped❤️💪

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