Jada Watts

WOW, as every other SBC has said, I was in shock! It’s such an honor and I feel totally blessed to be chosen and grateful to be part of such a wonderful place and group of people.
A little bit about me and my heart…my hubster and babies.  I’m 45, as of last week. (I still feel awful about handing out those birthday burpees…LOL)  I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart, Larry aka LarBear, for 28 years in September and what a ride it’s been. We actually met in church when his dad became our Pastor in 1985. I have two precious babies, Bailey, 23 and Colton 19, who are my absolute life!  I am from the great state of Louisiana but have lived in Texas since I was 10.  We moved our family from the coast, about 45 miles south of Houston, to the Spring Branch area in August 2007 and bought land and built our home in 2008. We found our church home at CBC Bulverde and just love it!  I serve on the praise team there, as well as a couple of other groups.
My fitness journey really began last July 2013 when I began to have some health issues again. I’ve struggled with blood sugar issues for years and adult diabetes runs in my family.  I have been on and off meds to help but, honestly, they made me feel so wretched that it was easier to suffer than take them. I’ve yoyo’d for years with my weight and exercise. If I’m to be totally honest, I didn’t take care of myself. But last year felt different, really different, and not in a good way.  For the first time, I actually felt fear about my health and then I began to pray. I knew I had to make changes if I wanted to live a full, productive, engaging life. I didn’t want to sit on the sidelines anymore and I was absolutely miserable. In the past, I’ve always felt I needed an accountability partner to be successful but God kept telling me NO. He had a plan and this time I knew I needed to be still and listen.  If I couldn’t do it for me, I wasn’t going to be successful.  I had to walk this journey alone and trust Him. So I researched health plans and exercise ideas and decided to start Herbalife and walking with the intention and hopes of running at some point.  The beginning of August I started what I call “wogging”. I wasn’t walking but I definitely knew it wasn’t jogging, so I created the “wog”?  By week 2, I was doing 3 miles, 3 times a week. Before I knew it, I was getting faster…I was actually jogging, like for real jogging!  Considering that I started with a 17 ½ minute mile, there was really nowhere to go but up! I continued that through the end of December/first of January. I had cut my time down to a little less than a 12 minute mile, lost a little over 40 lbs and I felt amazing!  I had also found a new me, a deeper, more spiritual me and I was searching for more.  Even though my journey was far from over, God had provided all He promised and all I’d been praying for on those long runs…strength, a stronger sense of self and self-worth, peace, confidence, endurance and a deeper relationship with Him. I knew He wanted me to step out of the comfort of the “lone” runs and do something different.  Forrest Gump’s reign was over!  My Bailey had asked me to come to a bootcamp with her on Christmas Eve. “The Twelve Days of Christmas” have a whole new meaning for me now...that was the name of the WOD and that’s how many days it took me to be able to walk again, lift my arms again, bend over again…seriously, it hurt to blink!!!  I had candlelight service at church that night and had to be helped onto the stage and couldn’t even climb the risers because I thought I would pass out to lift my legs anymore.  That night was a blur because all I felt was ungodly pain!  I thought I had done something horrific to my body and I didn’t think I would ever be the same, but even through the pain, I kept remembering the “feeling” I had while struggling through that entire WOD…encouraged, inspired, uplifted…like every person in that building was on my side to succeed, and they didn’t even know me.  It was a really unbelievable experience.
I had already committed to a 4 week bootcamp at another facility with my son. Even though it was good for me, I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I knew where I needed to be, where I wanted to be, to continue my journey. I talked my friend Margaret into coming as well and it’s just been “AMAZEN”!!!  To be surrounded by coaches and virtual strangers that will stand in the gap for you is the most awesome feeling. But turning those strangers into friends has been another bonus to this process and I’m just blessed beyond to have so many positive new folks in my life.  It’s never failed, when I’m feeling like “I can’t do this” or “I’m not going to finish” or “I’m too weak”, someone comes by and says something encouraging or pats me on the back or holds up a high 5…always…and I know that’s God telling me, “YOU’VE GOT THIS!” I know my journey is far from over and I can’t get back those miserable, unhealthy years, but I can certainly make the most of the years coming and doing it MY WAY…HEALTHY!!!
I know I’ve been a bit long winded but I want to shout out to our most fab coaches:

Jordan, walking in to your smiling face always makes me happy. You are one of the most precious young ladies I’ve ever met.  I love you!

Angie, you’re always so calm, strong and steady! I love that…I need that!
Tracy, I’ve only been coached by you once but you’re awesome! J
Gina, good grief, one word…AMAZING and can you be any more adorable?
Kelli, you’re so precious. The smiles, the laughter and your energy is contagious…can you bottle some for me?!?
Tommy, not gonna lie, I was scared to death at first to go through a WOD with you. Form, Form, Form…so important! Thank you for being so helpful and encouraging…I LOVED IT and can’t wait to have you coach a WOD I’m in again!!!
Cecily, you’re amazing! You’ve encouraged me so much. I love your positivity and your sweet spirit!
Warren, you push me when I want to give up and I’m always grateful for you! And FYI, I still WANT to put the weight down when you yell “DO NOT PUT THE WEIGHT DOWN!” LOL (BONUS: you taught me to jump rope…YEAH!!!)
Alisha, there really are no words to tell you how much you mean to me.  You have been there from the beginning, pushing, encouraging, inspiring, hugging me when I was disgustingly sweaty in tears, showing me such care and teaching me about showing grace…to myself.  I love you so much.
And last but certainly not least, our valiant leader, Channel…all of 5’ nothing, 75lbs soaking wet, with that booming voice…how do you do it? You’ve made me believe that I can do anything. You’ve taught me that suiting up and showing up is 99% of the battle.  I adore you and the team you’ve surrounded yourself and us with is absolutely the best in the business!!! What an “AMAZEN” family you’ve created and I’m so blessed to be a part of it. I look forward to continuing my healthy journey with all of you awesome people!!!
Jada J

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Warren 7:46am
Congrats Jada!!!!! Love your testimony and will be an honor to WOD with you today. Keep up the hard work and we're all here to help! Don't put that weight down!!!

Jada 10:14am
Thank you all for such sweet comments. It proves my point totally of how absolutely amazing this little family is. I love you all and look forward to many, many more WODs with all of you!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cecily 11:07am
Sweet, sweet Jada!  Your words of affirmation are such a blessing...just like you! I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of you! Your progress has been amazing...you are so strong and so beautiful! It will be a pleasure to WOD in your honor tomorrow!! Big HUGS!! 💙

Tana 7:35pm
I don't think we have met but your words are strong and so glad you have stuck with this. I am excited to do your WOD tomorrow.

Kelli 7:47pm
JADA!! I still have NEVER forgotten your name since that one time 😜 I just absolutely love seeing your happy face walk in! I love seeing how hard you push yourself and how you never give up. Such an inspiration! I'm so sad that I will miss your spotlight tomorrow, but know that I'm thinking of you!! I'll be back in a few days and I'll be sure to bring a big fresh bottle of crazy Sickler energy for you! Haha! CONGRATS TO YOU! Well deserved!! 😘

Jennifer Wan 8:30pm
Jada - So excited for you to be the spotlight boot camper.  You are always so full of life and energy!  I love to see you and talk to you!  You are doing are great job and so happy on the progress you have made!  Keep up the good work!  Looking forward to your wod!  Love ya!

Tracy M 10:10pm
Jada ~ yay....SBC....very happy for you!!  It's been great getting to know you. You are such a sweet person, gave me an ear when I needed one :) not even knowing me all that well at that point,  so kind.  And your testimony....just awe inspiring. Loved loved loved it....really moved me.  And that's what you do for others, move them, inspire them, motivate them!!  Excited about your WOD !! Exited about the journey you are on, honored to be even a tiny part of it. Keep on, keeping on ..... The sky's the limit for you ☺️

vikie 10:24pm
Thank you for sharing your story Jada! What an amazing journey you've had. Keep up the good work!

Janette W 11:50pm
Congratulations Jada!! What a testimony and looking forward to honoring you tomorrow💪!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Carla R 7:48am
My dear, sweet Jada.  Congrats!!!  You are so deserving of this special honor.  YOU, my friend, are such an inspiration to me!  I can remember one of the fist times I noticed you at ABC.  We were running and I could see how tired and how painful it was for you.  This must have been your 'wogging'  I was a little nervous  you were about to fall over on us, so I hollered a 'you got this' and noticed you kept trucking along.  I felt inspired by how hard you pushed yourself.  I have watched you get stronger and so much thinner!  Way to go.  You bring a ray of sunshine into my mornings.  I love you and admire your determination and perseverance.  You are so beautiful inside and out.  Love you girl!

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