Chris Altum 02/16

First of all, I am very honored to be named spotlight. I see so many people work so hard every time I go to the box. Wether it be the people sweating and smiling as they are leaving when I get there or sweating and pushing each other the whole time I am there. So again to be chosen is awesome. I think I may be more known as 'Angie's husband' and I will tell you I am 100% ok with that. I couldn't be more proud of her. Man did she ever try to get me to come to the boot camp before. In the beginning I really wouldn't even entertain it...I go to the GYM! I didn't want to go to no booty camp. She never gave up though, and eventually it became such a big part of her life, I wanted to be part of that too. I started coming now and then, and that booty camp really kicked mine. I thought I was in decent shape prior to coming, then I show up and these ladies were wiping the floor with me, I couldn't keep up, and some of the guys, the 'no shirt' club, well they were on a whole other level. But everyone, regardless of level was so encouraging, it made me want to keep coming. What has really pushed me the last six months has really been something pretty shallow but I'm ok with that because it's working, it was a picture of me on last Father's Day. I simply didn't like how I looked. Soon after we had a paleo challenge and I was as strict as I could have been. I partnered that with leaving work early at 5:45pm so that I could make that 6:30 class 3-4 times a week. 6months later I had actually lost 30lbs. I'm still getting wiped by some of you ladies, but I got you in my radar and coming up quick. Still not in the no shirt club but who knows what the next 6months will bring. Chris

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Monday, February 16, 2015

Kelli 10:15am
Christaphaaaaa!! So happy for you! You absolutely deserve this! You have been so committed even with your crazy work schedule and it SHOWS! Love seeing the side by side what an amazing transformation! Keep it up! 💪

Tracy M 3:23pm
Cra Cra ~ WooHoo!!!! Well deserved. You're doing awesome. So glad you finally drank the kool-aid. Lol. Took ya long enough, but now that you have... No stopping you.  Looking forward to your WOD!  ~ Tra Tra

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Jim 1:57pm
Shirt or no shirt, you look great Chris!  Keep up the great work.

Cecily 6:01pm
Chris, you make me LAUGH!! I love your positive and REAL attitude. You have made such huge positive changes and are such an awesome part of our 'booty'!! Keep up the hard work and before you know it Angie will have to buy you some tear-away shirts!!!;)
On a serious note...thank you for all you do even after the have an awesome heart!

Monique P 7:31pm
Congratulations Chris!  What a transformation!!!!   I enjoy trying to keep up with you.   Can't wait to do this WOD!

Janette W 8:38pm
Congratulations Angie's husband💪 Looking forward to you WOD😉

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sheri K 1:32pm
Congratulations Chris!!!   You are certainly deserving of this honor.  I love Angie and I love you.  I have seen your transformation - I used to encourage you, now you encourage me, as you are passing me by!  But I love it!!  Super proud of you and grateful to call you my friend.  Cannot wait to WOD in your honor.
Mamma K

Cyndi 8:02pm
So happy for you Chris!!!! Wow you have transformed. Keep up the good HARD work you'll be a part of the no shirt club before you know it....although Angie might prefer you keep it on!!! Haha😉 Excited to do your WOD.

Joann 8:26pm
Congratulations Chris on being Spotlight Bootcamper! So happy for you. Loved your testimony.  It is great working out with you & next to you.   Cannot wait to WOD in your honor!!!!! :-)

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