Warrior Princess Sloane Pink & Camo 06/13

Sloane's Testimony:

Sloane Avonlea... 'A warrior, A return to childlike faith, simple beauty, noble purity, and compassion
for the least.' Dustin and I had no idea that our daughter would live up to her name so quickly.
Sloane was born on September 5, 2013. She was of course perfect in our eyes but, we did notice
that her right tibia was bowed. Everything else checked out fine so, the neonatologist ruled that it
was Sloane's positioning in the womb and gave Dustin and I a few exercises to do when we
changed her diaper. As time went by, 2 months to be exact, we didn't feel that Sloane's leg was
straightening like it should so, we expressed our concern to her pediatrician. Dr. Boecker agreed that
we should go see a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon. On November 12, 2013 Dustin and I took Sloane
to Austin for her appointment. On the drive up we talked about worst case scenarios... casting,
surgery etc. Dr. Murdock had x-rays taken and quickly came in to go over the x-ray. As soon as
Dustin and I saw the way he looked at our cooing and smiling daughter we knew we were not going
to get the news we wanted. He put the x-rays up on the viewer and quietly explained ... we could
clearly see... that our daughter had a bone tumor, and was missing the bottom third of her right tibia.
He went on to explain that she had a 'process' going on in her tibia and that he was going to refer
us to a Pediatric Orthopedic Oncologist to determine if the 'process' was malignant or benign. I
remembered walking up to Dr. Murdock’s office just 30 minutes before, and seeing a little boy who
had a scar from ear to ear over the top of his head. I remember vainly thanking God right then and
there that it was ONLY Sloane’s leg, and not over her head. After we learned of the “process,” that
could be benign or malignant, and we were told to immediately get in touch with an oncologist… God
threw me to my knees and I begged him to give me the scar from ear to ear, that I’d take anything to
just be able to keep my baby. Sloane’s medical journey has been long, and I could write it all out but,
I feel like the spiritual journey that she’s sent my husband and I down, and the special light that God
has blessed her with is even more inspiring.
Sloane was perfectly made. God has always had a plan. People will ask, “How do you do it? You’re
so strong!” I can promise you, I am not. God gave Dustin and I the worst of the worst first. Doctors
were talking MD Anderson, and Orthopedic Oncologists. I was the crazy Mom who rushed into our
pediatrician’s office, baby in hand and hysterical demanding a plan. I was the Mom who called our
church and pleaded that they all start praying NOW. God did it on purpose. As a mommy or daddy,
when you’re told your child could have cancer, especially a petite 9 week old itty bitty… besides
being told your child is going to pass… I’m not sure that there is worse news. So, God laid it on us,
because he knew what decisions we were going to have to make, and what attitudes we were going
to have to have to allow our daughter to carry out his plan for her life. I look back on the beginning of
our journey, and think about the 8 weeks that we didn’t have a clear no C word diagnosis and I am
so thankful to have experienced it but, that was the storm and God’s tool to emotionally coach us to
be the perfect parents for his little warrior.
Sloane’s amputation is the sacrifice that will allow the light, and it is a light that has been shining
bright the entire time. Have you ever looked around at the kiddos who are “different”? What is the
one thing that sets them apart, besides the obvious? Their spirit is different too. As much as I wanted
a miracle, I’ve always known deep down we were not going to get one. There was no way that God
was going to give Sloane the spirit he did to completely heal her. I know many of you do not know
Sloane but, I hope you one day get to. She is special, and I’m not saying that because I am her
Mommy. This little girl is different. When Sloane was an itty bitty, her doctor told us that due to the
curve in her leg she would never crawl, stand or walk on her own… let alone run, jump or climb.
Sloane was crawling by 8 months, standing by 9 months and that baby walked at 12 months. After
Sloane’s first surgery, we were told that she would probably not want to walk on it for months, and
that jumping and running would still be out of the question. Sloane began putting weight on her leg 3
days post opp, she then figured out that she could get in her walker and use her good leg to get
around the house. Sloane was 15 ½ months old at the time. Once her incisions healed, Sloane
would practice jumping with two feet. Yes, she was 16 months old practicing over and over… not
only how to properly jump with two feet but, how to lightly land with most of the weight on her good
leg, mainly using her “bad” leg for balance. She still jumps like this today! It is actually, one of her
VERY favorite things to do… That and RUNNING! Sloane is so fast, and can run!! Her doctor is
amazed… mostly, because he knows not only is it uncomfortable for her but, it actually hurts. Our
little warrior pushes through. She has trained her mind to be stronger than her body. Right now, our
warrior princess has not one but two fractures. One in her tibia and one in her fibula because her
brace is failing her… Does Sloane have her bad days, yes. What do these days consist of, a little
extra loving but, I can assure you she never just gives up and stays still. As my dad says, “she’s as
tough as an old boot!” She digs down and ultimately perseveres in whatever she puts her little heart
to. I wonder what we could do if we chose to persevere in all things…
A dear friend came over for coffee recently, and Sloane began to share the story of her leg. She told
her Aunt Tracie that God was taking her leg to heaven, and that he wanted her to have an Elsa
superhero leg here on earth, and that she was so excited for it to be on this leg but, not her good leg
just like her friend Weston. So, here is a little angel that has the attitude of joy and grace for a new
leg, and we as adults get hung up on the smallest cosmetic things and many times lose appreciation
for something as simple as our own able legs. What if we were simply thankful and embraced
whatever circumstance we found ourselves in? I bet leading a healthy lifestyle wouldn’t be such a
chore, or thorn in our side.
My new prayer, is that I live with the child-like faith that my daughter does. I pray that she mentors
me through the special light our Lord has instilled in her, and I pray that other parents let the Lord
make the sacrifices he needs to in their children’s lives so, that he may shine his light through this
world’s strongest warriors… our children.

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