Angela Brooks Spotlight Wear Pink & Purple

Angela Brooks Spotlight Wear Purple:
Wow! I'm so shocked I don't even know what to say! I guess I'll just tell you a little bit about myself.
   I was always a semi-active child - gymnastics for a few years in elementary school, and I was on the pom-pom squad all four years of high school.  Then, went off to college and gained the 'freshman 15' my first year. No parents, too much pizza, and late nights. And no exercise.
   On top of that 15 pounds, I met my first husband, and we had our son, Austin (who is now 19), that following year. I gained 41 pounds on top of that 15. After I had my son, I just felt so heavy, unhealthy, and unmotivated. When my son was almost a year old, I started doing workout videos in my living room, using a toolbox as a step. I started losing those extra pounds (about 20) that I was holding onto, and I started feeling SO much better!
   Fast forward a little, my first husband and I shortly after that were divorced, I joined a gym, and fell in love with kickboxing and Pilates. I was hooked.
   A few years later, I met my current husband, and we ended up having three children together(Paris-11, Wyatt - 10, and Stetson - 6). Exercise has always been a form of stress-release, 'me-time', and after four kids (did I mention three stepchildren AND three grandchildren? 😳), I really look forward to it. I had recently started weight-training and really liked the changes I saw.  
   So... Somebody recommended trying CrossFit, but I was terrified. I didn't think I was strong enough to do it. So, last August, my sister-in-law, neices and I decided to try it out together. We ended up loving it, and I never looked back! My kids are loving it too!  (Go Wyatt and Paris! Woo hoo!!!)  
   This gym is so special to me. I love the family atmosphere, everyone is so supportive and kind. We pray before each workout, and help the community when the need arises.
   I have become stronger both mentally and physically in these last 10 months, thanks to the awesome coaches, and Channel and Tommy.  The challenges and the instruction push me to try to be the best 'me' I can be! I am in competition with no one else but myself, and after every wod, I feel a sense of accomplishment😎. Thank you for this nomination, I feel truly blessed to have found this ABC/IACF family, and y'all are stuck with me! Angela

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